Since I started working out more I am craving more carbohydrates than usual. Is my body asking for more carbs because I am exercising more? Do I satisfy this carb craving or do I hold out?

The right answer is to restructure your diet but within the total calories appropriate for your overall body composition goals (e.g. weight/fat loss, or muscle gain). The more you exercise, the more carbohydrates you use since they are the body's primary energy source, thus the craving.

If you are an athlete or exerciser you need to have at least 45% of your caloric intake made up of carbs (endurance athletes need 60-70%). Your body composition goal determines the total calorie intake and your activity determines the percentage make up of those calories (protein, carbs and fats). Therefore, if you are an exerciser/athlete pursuing a weight loss goal and allowed 2000 calories/day in order to continue dropping fat, then half those calories should be "good" carbohydrates. If you are not an exerciser/athlete, it matters less how you eat your 2000 calories.  But be aware that if you choose to make up your calories with primarily protein and/or fat you will become lethargic and thus burn fewer calories. This will force you to keep lowering your intake in order to maintain weight loss, and eventually you will be miserable and continue to crave what your body needs most in order to produce energy: carbohydrates.

Just remember, when it comes to weight loss it’s all about calories, and when it comes to performance it’s all about the proper percent of carbohydrates – so pick the foods that make you feel the best within the calories you are allowed. To make sure you stay on goal, use the dotFIT program. You can set your goals and create the ideal program including individualized menus, proper calorie and protein requirements, meal timing, exercises that you choose to perform, ideal supplement recommendation and coaching/feedback all the way till you reach your goal.

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