SnackPak (1 pak (contains 8 bars) #1637)

A variety pack of 8 dotFIT bars. Perfect for before or after a workout or anytime you're on the go.
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The dotFIT SnackPak contains an assortment of 8 of our delicious dotSTICKS and dotBARS. Flavors included in each SnackPak are determined based on current inventory and may vary. All dotFIT bars range from 160-230 calories each and contain 12-15 grams of protein and 5-7 grams of fat.

Research shows that using meal replacements (bars, shakes and portion-controlled meals) once or twice a day can enhance weight loss, and continuous use helps people keep the weight off. These convenient bars help control portions and calories, provide accurate calorie counts and may prevent you from skipping meals and over-eating later in the day. They are perfect as a snack pre- or post-workout and anytime when other food options are not available. Keep one in your car, gym or computer bag and desk. You never know when you’ll need a smart snack option to fuel your day.


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