recurring orders

How does the recurring order program work?
Just tell us what you want and when you want it, and we’ll charge it to the credit card we have on file for you and ship it according to the frequency you’ve selected. If you want your multivitamin shipped once a month, but your drink mix powder shipped once every two months, our system gives you that flexibility.  And you’ll get FREE ground shipping on every recurring order.

How do I sign up for a recurring order?

There are two ways to sign up for a recurring order.  You can add items to your Shopping Cart, and when we ask you if you’d like us to send you the item periodically, say YES. Or, go to My Account, click on Recurring Orders, select your item, and tell us how frequently you’d like to have it shipped.  Come back to this page to manage your recurring order any time.

What is “Status Active/Inactive” on the recurring order screen?

Selecting Active tells our system that we should ship your recurring order on the next scheduled ship date.  Selecting Inactive tells us to suspend your recurring order until you log in and change the status to Active.

How do I sign up for SMS/text reminders?

Go to My Account, click on Recurring Orders, then click Edit next to any existing recurring order, or you can create a recurring order from this page. You can opt to receive reminders via SMS (text messaging) – take a look at the image below. You can also tell us when to remind you, 3, 4, 5, or 7 days before your order ships. If you haven’t saved your cell phone number in your account, go to Account Information and enter it there.

Why can't I delete my Billing Profile?

You can!  But there may be a step you are missing. If you have a recurring order, each item in your recurring order is tied to a billing profile.  You must change the billing profile for each item, and then you can delete the profile.

Here's an example. You have a Visa card that you use for your recurring orders and it's about to expire.  You want to delete that profile and create a new profile for your American Express, and then use the new AmEx profile with your recurring order.  Here are the steps you need to follow:
  • Create a new billing profile for your American Express card (click on My Account after you've logged in, then click on Account Information -- once you're on this page you'll see a link to CREATE NEW BILLING PROFILE)
  • After creating your new profile, click on Manage Recurring Orders from the My Account page
  • Click EDIT for each item in your recurring order
  • When the details appear for that item, notice the Billing Profile information. Click on the drop-down and select your new American Express card
  • Do this for each item in your recurring order
  • Once this is complete, go to Account Information and click on the garbage can next to the billing profile you'd like to delete (your expiring Visa card, in this example)
Questions?  Just call us at 877.436.8348.

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