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Weight Loss

I am 40 years old and have struggled with my weight all my life. I was born with a genetic predisposition to obesity. More...
By Shawnee Burger
on November 17, 2009
My program held me accountable to myself, and when I needed some extra support from a professional, my dotFIT coach was there. More...
By Scott Jones
on May 15, 2009
The main reason the dotFIT program works is because they don’t try to fit me into their program - they fit their program to me! More...
By Heidi Nash
on November 17, 2009
In only 12 weeks, I lost nearly 20 pounds and lost three pant sizes. More...
By Teri Larson Jones
on May 15, 2009
The dotFIT program was a major factor in accomplishing my goals. More...
By James Guenther
on April 06, 2009
I am absolutely convinced that our nationwide obesity problem is mostly related to having no idea how many calories we are taking in----and once they are in, how difficult it is to burn them off. More...
By Melissa Krause
on May 01, 2009
It wasn’t until I saw a picture of myself tailgating at a sporting event that I realized just how much I had let myself go. I looked 10 years older and uncomfortable in my own skin. More...
By Craig Pepin-Donat
on May 15, 2009
This truly unique program will help you achieve your goals or you will know exactly why you didn’t. More...
on April 06, 2009
The dotFIT programs taught me how to control my cravings and not necessarily diet, but control my portions. I would highly recommend this program to others and I have! More...

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