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Sports Performance

on August 16, 2018
As a general rule I make one New Year's Resolution that SCARES me. 2011's scary resolution was to run a marathon. More...
I can’t say enough wonderful things about dotFIT and the dotFIT team! More...
By Jodi Braun
on November 03, 2009
dotFIT nutrition gives me the edge I needed to get through grueling workouts and increase my stamina. More...
By Nick Best
on November 03, 2009
dotFIT supplements are simply the BEST I have taken! More...
By Brian Shaw
on November 03, 2009
I am on the go a lot during the day and I always have a few dotFIT bars close by so I can maintain my eating schedule. More...
By Joe Lemma
on June 12, 2009
Since I began utilizing dotFIT supplements my strength has improved ten-fold, and I have never felt more powerful. More...
By Marshall White
on June 12, 2009
dotFIT performance products are amazing! More...
By Michael DiGangi
on April 06, 2009
dotFIT guided me to two 1st place victories in the March 2009 NPC Western States Natural Bodybuilding Show. The vitamins I take from dotFIT help tremendously as well and I think no matter what your goals are, vitamins are a necessity. More...
By Xander Cruze
on June 12, 2009
My sponsorship from dotFIT continues to make all the difference for me as a World Class competitive athlete. More...
By Richard Louis
on November 20, 2009
During the 7 grueling months that I trained for the contest, several of dotFIT’s supplements were the cornerstones of my supplementation program. More...

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